See how much ram mysql has swapped to disk
awk '/^Swap:/ { SWAP+=$2 } END { print SWAP" kB" }' /proc/$(pidof mysqld)/smaps
MySQL query to display which engines are being used, and how much space for data and indexes
SELECT IFNULL(B.engine,'Total') "Storage Engine", CONCAT(LPAD(FORMAT(B.DSize/POWER(1024,pw),3),17,' '),' ',SUBSTR(' KMGTP',pw+1,1),'B') "Data Size",CONCAT(LPAD(FORMAT(B.ISize/POWER(1024,pw),3),17,' '),' ',SUBSTR(' KMGTP',pw+1,1),'B') "Index Size",CONCAT(LPAD(FORMAT(B.TSize/POWER(1024,pw),3),17,' '),' ',SUBSTR(' KMGTP',pw+1,1),'B') "Table Size" FROM (SELECT engine,SUM(data_length) DSize, SUM(index_length) ISize,SUM(data_length+index_length) TSize FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema NOT IN ('mysql','information_schema','performance_schema') AND engine IS NOT NULL GROUP BY engine WITH ROLLUP) B,(SELECT 2 pw) A ORDER BY TSize